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Bottlenose Fish - Kariba Fish Species

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Bottlenose Fish or Mormyrus longirostris

The Eastern Bottlenose fish (Mormyrus longirostris) is aptly named as it has a long elongated snout and a tiny mouth that requires small hooks with worms as bait.

These slow moving fish breed during the rainy season and migration is sporadic as they do not like fast flowing water as they are not strong swimmers.

They are an unusual Kariba fish species and will add a little spice to your fishing experience.

The best time to catch the Bottlenose is in the early evening as they are generally more active at night.

You will have the best opportunity of hooking these fish in fairly deep pools and in slow moving water that has little or no current.

Unlike Nkupe or Tiger fish, Bottlenose are not good fighters and once hooked, they are easy to reel in.

Interestingly, they can give you a mild electric shock if you hold both ends of the wet fish. This is the only species in the Zambezi Waters that can do this, apart from the Electric catfish.

Bottlenose Fish
Eastern Bottlenose Fish