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Kariba Bream - A Fishing Favourite

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Kariba Bream – A Worthwhile Sporting Fish

Whilst Kariba is known for its challenging fishing of Tiger and Vundu catfish, fishing for Kariba bream is not only sporting, but being easily caught on a fly, makes this a worthwhile fish and a favourite amongst fishermen.

Bream (Oreochromis mortimeri) is recognized by the olive green blotches and/or bands on its back and side.

Bream mainly feed amongst weed beds along the dead tree lines and are usually caught at around 2kg and make up a large percentage of the catch on the lake.

Fishing for Kariba Bream: Tips

Bream are a shoal fish, with the average size of the shoal group tending to be more or less the same. When you locate a shoal, you will more than likely catch several fish, each generally of comparable size. Generally they are a fast-growing, lean and short-lived fish with a primarily vegetarian diet.

Tilapia are low in saturated fat, calories, carbohydrates and sodium, and are a good source of protein.

Kariba Bream
Kariba Bream

Bream are one of the most popular eating fish found on Lake Kariba and is delicious eaten fresh. Let the onboard chef on the Abangane houseboat cook your catch that night for your supper. A real treat.