Kariba Houseboat Safaris


Abangane Houseboat Indemnity

The following indemnity must be read and understood before placing your booking. If you are unsure, please contact us in writing before booking. 

Once booking has been made via our online booking form, you acknowledge and agree to all aspects of the following indemnity.

Abangane Houseboat Indemnity Form: Rules And Regulations

Whereas the Fish Eagle Safaris House-boat (Abangane) has been hired from the owners of the Abangane (the owners) for a cruise on Lake Kariba.

AND WHEREAS the undersigned will be a passenger(s) on The Abangane Houseboat for the period of the cruise and will be using its ancillary fishing boats for the duration thereof.

AND WHEREAS the Owners have only agreed to the hire of the Abangane and its fishing boats on condition that all passengers sign an Indemnity form.

NOW THEREFORE, with full knowledge and understanding:-

Safety Rules

By law, the Captain is in command of the boat and his word is final in all aspects of lake safety.

Fish Eagle Safaris (Pvt) Ltd (owners of the Abangane) and Kariba Houseboat Safaris (the booking agents) accept no liability for any injury or loss incurred whilst using the Abangane or the tender boats.