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Lake Kariba Facts

Lake Kariba Facts: The Largest Man Made Lake

Lake Kariba Facts And Information

Lake Kariba facts РLake Kariba is a man-made expanse of water and the largest man-made lake in the world.

It is fed by the great Zambezi River which starts its 2700-kilometre journey in north-west Zambia and reaches the Indian Ocean through Mozambique.

The lake covers an area of nearly 6,000 square kilometres and its shoreline is broken by many rivers flowing into the huge expanse of water.

Kariba weather is variable with most favouring the dry winter season for its cooler temperatures and good game viewing. For the fishing enthusiast the hotter periods are more favoured.

This destination offers an opportunity for the African eco-tourism enthusiast to take advantage of the beauty, fishing and photography opportunities that this lake offers. Lake Kariba encompasses a quiet beauty and a laidback experience with a slow cruise past the riverbanks and wildlife.

The wildlife can be viewed leisurely from the comfort of the open air decks of the houseboat with a cool breeze and drinks to hand.

Lake Kariba at Sunset
Lake Kariba At Sunset

The banks of the rivers that flow from the Zimbabwe Highlands, such as from the Chizerira National Park provide wonderful viewing of the wildlife. In particular, the Chete Safari Area, the Msumu and Sengwa River mouths and the Matusadona National Park, have prolific wildlife.

Almost anywhere along the shoreline of the lake you may see hippo, elephants and crocodiles and an occasional leopard.

Lake Kariba Facts: Operation Noah

One story of the elephants of the region tells about an elephant that never forgot the migration route used by the herd for generations. When the dam started to fill, he simply swam, following the same path.

Another story is of a leopard which was caught on an island as the dam started to fill. He might have starved. Instead, he started to fish.

Operation Noah, which rescued thousands of animals, found the leopard and relocated him to a nearby reserve, where, observers reported, he continued to fish – one of the many touching Lake Kariba facts.

Elephants at Kariba
Elephants On The Shore Of Lake Kariba

There are few more magical places in Africa for bird viewing. The colourful birds such as the Narina trogon, the bee-eaters, kingfishers, weavers, Angola pitta, rollers, flycatchers, sunbirds and parrots abound while there are also many waterfowl and raptors.

So don’t forget to bring your binoculars and your camera. You cannot afford to miss out on the abundance of nature around you.

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