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Nkupe or Distichodus Mossambicus

Nkupe: A Strong Fighting Fish

Nkupe fish (Distichodus mossambicus) are generally found in the western area of Kariba where the Zambezi River joins the lake.

This fish likes river conditions that have swift-flowing water and rapids. Alternatively they also enjoy quiet, deep, rocky or sandy pools.

There are many anglers who believe that the Nkupe, weight for weight, are one of the most exciting sporting fish in Zimbabwe waters as they are strong fighters.


This powerful fighting fish is usually caught on a great variety of bait including worms, insects, bird entrails, fish fillets and meat. They are mainly caught in areas where the water flows over a sandy bottom.

Usually caught at around 3kg, there are bigger fish of up to 8kg are out there.

The young fish have a silverish body with 6 to 7 very prominent vertical bars. These disappear when reaching adulthood as the general body colour darkens to olive/green with a white throat and pale yellowish ventral surface.

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